Crypt Underworld

The sequel to Lily Zone's Crypt Worlds. Takes place in a massive city in the underworld, starting five minutes after the end of Crypt Worlds. Make friends with a charismatic bussinessman and have him over to see the coffin you sleep in; pee on mall clerks; enjoy your life!…Lily is heading the project and doing the graphics and world layout and such. I'm working on the code and contributing to the writing and game design. Brenda Neotenomie is doing the music. Currently under progress. Thanks to everyone who backed us on Kickstarter!

zebra-like INVISIBLE

A li'l Twine game about being a cephalody creature.

Fantasy Florist

A Twitter bot that describes fantastic flowers. Made in collaboration with Everest Pipkin. Here's the source code if you'd like to see it.

Sentiment World

A minimal "OS" for a computer that responds to keypresses by playing bits of sounds I recorded and showing scraps of text from my computer from ~2006–2015. An impressionistic hodgepodge of really personal material that covers the time from when I went to college to just before I came out. Pressing the spacebar washes everything away. Made for the Institute of Desktop Archeology at The Museum of Human Achievment during Fusebox 2015.

You can read more about the piece and download it here. The code and media are here.

An Unfolding Machine

A poetic canvas; click on the words, phrases, and punctuation to make them disappear, honing the text into something you like. Shown during Karmic Trash Debt in 2012 at the now-defunct :'( Wardenclyffe Gallery.


A tool for making text cut-ups. You can use it online here. The JS library is also available. I use this a lot when writing.