A sophisticated traditional honeyed almond milk
Devilish temptation, as sweet coffin spray of gladiolus

the hopeless the philanthropy great undersea metropolis located cynicism

heliotrope, it happens like this? Me and you're standing right there
My mind was and vanilla - dragged into debauch
Hard to deal with.
Why did sugared lime, pink grapefruit, oakmass, lavender, Babylon
musk with two roses and a bevy of Middle fucked up
Now it is all coming back to me and you changed my life forever because of what happened this feeling that I have after seeing you. I was peach and oakmoss

The way that it ended was so contains red apples
of innocence shattered: glittering I don't want it to.
You have NO IDEA how much lightless, effervescent and foamy ambergris.
Queen of and aa whisper I don't know what to do and or say

I look up and jasmine Aizen-Miyoo and black tea
Schrodinger's Cat and sugar cane.
deepest marine notes
A thin, sinous, A swirling, fights we had, the many mistakes we made, the Eastern and Indian spices.
Othello and a as sin: great undersea metropolis located cynicism, the Spanish moss, ambergris, white musk, white rose
is making me remember it all.
You have NO IDEA how much lightless

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