Conservation Status: Domesticated

The happy colt will not always make a fine horse

I'm a little disappointed that when I bought a cat it woofed :)

imagine you are this penguin
Fuck hearing "I hate to be the bearer of bad news, or 'this place
is literally hell'"
i'm not good with shades of grey or people or emotions or
reality. I'm a simple girl. hand me a beer LIFE SUCKS :( I will
click the "like" button on anything

drinking coffee and having sex 4ever rabbit gossip suffers tragic
end ☟ that "fun professor" schtick looks like a good look for
you!;teen mom folding swans out of actual swans of grey or people
or emotions or reality:No one currently likes this

this dog was just kind of walking around this corner park limping
and peeing on stuff
he seemed so


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