from a sunset on a teacup
from a spray of orange wings
from the space outside of sleeping
where the movement draws you in—
from the math in wings of moth
from the sound outside a bar
from a thin exploding line
across the surface of a star:

i saw you looking out
in a great hush

. hush .

outer space gnaws at conflicting emotions
the most beautiful crushing soft emptiness
so conscious of all the desire—
up there between the angels
i lay, a flower in a hothouse

and the night
the stars
the most beautiful crushing
they stood
arms full of the wind
eyes full of animals
in deep sea burrows
far away away
a star was flying apart
too hot to be touched.

on the internet
i saw a dogged arctic fox
pawing at the snow
searching for a place to hide
and i fell in to search alongside

at once mice and butterflies swept apart
revealing a half-black half-pink cosmos
scattered with biggest glitter

and if life is a grey road to all this
seen from a tower through a spyglass—
sing like a bird in red heat
with a voice the world hears
so it can know,
in its heart,
how you feel


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