two creatures, famous and sought-after seashells, wanted to capture the warehouse
my bed with you there.
only precursor of narcotic and analgesic opiates
the predominant alkaloid of heaven
I wanted to, I wanted to just squeeze down into crevices
in from the rest of humanity
"the Garden" is and can be fatal.
the cells are assimilated
「Small be」is ever deepening
the muscles required for sensitive material
be the daughter and woman curvature of the stem
a magical poppy field incisions made
…because flower development…
I, Papaver somniferum, grow wild
you're becoming bright yellow referring to the sedative properties of me

this process she does red and white, is the female at intervals
she came, reproductive organs for all sexes
There were hugs that smelled like milk
like when you sweet milk of almonds
This made of musk, between on into Paradise

After the eggs our planted for drug production
stepping out of my skin to produce synthetic opioids
My sea slugs hugging her pillow with her nestled
your loved one to salt water, nature, they are dangerous to humans to meet with
oil that has many of her favourite things:
Profundiconus "splendid", "dancer", and "dragon"
nudibranchs can be seen flowering
emerges from the small crabs and shrimp.
The petals I do like geometric cones.
some are served in priceless annual or perennial ornamental smoke cigarettes
The opium poppy, am full of defended
is a species of I just believe in sensory modality

My psych wants me to capture faster-moving prey, such as fish.
I'm not okay. with hell. Here, very high prices, until finally, for their colourful flowers,
a cloud of toxins in a beautiful restaurant
some poison used to stabilize a newer heaven
The world seeds are ripened.
plants long about writing their eggs into this tissue
a very slow development (of bliss) without such rows of many small teeth, slug
it's made me so opium poppies that the narrow God will bring the elect near to
in a manner similar to curare
Poppies are sought after between the severe and often total body paralysis.
enter receptors.
evoked lucky.
when the chemical compounds is cornered, and touched, in God

The DEA raided the service, choosing pieces
From my side of consciousness, But my heart is still beating of the opium poppy found in a silly thought..
The third fall, again I'm fighting tie me down.
We work around it, a subtype
I get really anxious
the plant made from bricks of cardamom, roe, lower intertidal neighboring and that is something complicated, loving, generous, maverick
of nice weather, then rain and Peronospora somniferi, "sleep-bringing", something my darling and an ovary of ward."
I still feel the strain
all chemical to muster has been used up in my work as they recline but there is still the sting of a few
I threw up all of the coffee dark blue
Through the Looking-Glass consists of egg mass.
much the pelagic hear the message hunt worms
any mode of vermivorous, would enter Heaven
this case refers breathe for her.
from her screaming with joy in the sultry lab.
After the prey has been them,
a "fish" and therefore love.

these things life owes under the surface
are covered with her paw prints moving on the wall

laugh about it together

we just want market production thrown out
the flowers Cherished
taken from the used-to-be-pretty spontaneous
and to enjoy the "never regret it"

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