licking the surface of a liquid crystal eyeball, i fell into a deep
ravine of is this the perfect atmosphere????? :? everyone just needs
to experience the flavor of acetone ;D irl maybe the optimal flavor is
the essence of the sparks from a cat's back

iluv2wink and the moon winked back at you in a loving embrace
(✨ing: "ahhh the velvety milky taste of the universe's most
intimate" and then you bite off part of the rim of your wineglass

the lcak of an well-meanign god can be proven from the half-achieved
nature of petting, which is only surfac-elevel ½❤ a truly benevolent
would allow you2 lighlty qsueeze my kidneys and run a teasting finge
rover my lstomach liningng & & & & i give you permission to do this as
i;'m dying' ^_^ and then you laugh and squeeze at my stomach and
reproduce the endless melancholy 😏 tee hee

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